Saturday, September 28, 2013

1985-01-13 @ Rock In Rio

Only show featuring Paula Jean Brown. Credits to Pete for ripping the audio from his DVD.

01. Head Over Heels
02. Our Lips Are Sealed
03. Lust To Love
04. I'm With You
05. You Thought
06. Turn To You
07. This Town
08. Let's Have A Party

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  1. Absolutely FANTASTIC. The song reborns more intense, crude, true, strong and mysterious like a Hitchcock movie soundtrack. Belinda accidentally provoked a sharped feedback from her microphone, almost drilling our eardrums. Charlotte looks like a GODDESS, smiling while playing guitar and keyboards. I only wanna know what are they laughing so much? Maybe on this: "This number is sounding better than the rest of this gig!"

    Go-Go’s ★ You Thought ★ Live in Rock in Rio 1985