Saturday, September 14, 2013

FroSTed demos

Here are some demos of the FroSTed album "Cold", courtesy of DeDe Kelez (co-creator of the Beatnik Beat fanzine). Turns out Jane lost her own copy of the tape and had Craig Ehr and DeDe digitalize the tracks for her. Here's the chance to listen to two unreleased songs, "Barrenland" and "Street of Dreams". "Help But Hope" is an early version of "Hope". The alternate version of "Hey Girl" comes from the Amanda and the Aliens OST.

01. Bed
02. Homeless
03. Help But Hope
04. Cold
05. Crazy
06. Barrenland
07. Street of Dreams (Acoustic)
08. Street of Dreams
09. Homeless (Acoustic)
10. Cold (Acoustic)
11. Hey Girl (Alternate Version)

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  1. Wow I had some of this - with Street Of Dreams - on a tape, back in the day. I'd forgotten it ever existed! Thanks for this!