Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dream Live Album #7 : TWISTED AND JADED (1999)

Yeah I know I cheated by using the Twisted & Jaded songs and a 95 pic... But I don't care ! :P

01 - I Am My Own Worst Enemy
02 - I Wanna Be Your Lucky Star
03 - Cold
04 - Try And Imagine
05 - Praying
06 - Illustrated Girl
07 - My Boyfriend
08 - There Your Are
09 - My Heart Will Go On / Johnny, Are Your Queer ?
10 - Cool Jerk (Nips And Tucks Version)


Monday, May 30, 2011

The Ladies Gone Wild Tour has just started !

Okay, time for some serious stuff ! The girls have already played at Las Vegas and Hershey. Seems like they rocked like hell ! The setlist is as follows (in disorder) :

Our Lips Are Sealed
We Got The Beat
This Town
Skidmarks On My Heart
Beatnik Beach / Surfing And Spying
How Much More
Fading Fast
Head Over Heels
Mad About You
Lust To Love
Mother's Little Helper
Get Up And Go
Stuck In My Car
Cool Places
Fun With Ropes

Approx. show time : 1h15.

The setlist already divides the fans : some think it's too much of the same as the previous tour. Well I think all that matters is to be able to see them play, right ? ;)

Some Las Vegas videos :





Next stop for our Ladies : Northampton.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Belinda and James Duke Mason interview

The Advocate website published a couple of days ago an interview of Belinda and her son, in which they discuss James' coming-out and related stuff.

I didn't even know Belinda's son was gay, this is the first time I see him and he really seems like an awesome and inspiring man to me. Looking forward to hear more of him !

Friday, May 27, 2011

Beauty And The Beat 30th Anniversary Edition

YAY ! I got the CD and vinyl in my mail today ! Some pictures :

The first CD is, as you all know, the original remastered album. The difference between old and new wasn't very noticable to me until I compaired back to back the same song on both editions. You can hear Gina's drums and Kathy's bass more clearly. Surfing And Spying would have been a welcome addition, as well as any studio outtake. The real treat comes from CD 2, a previously unreleased live show (Metro Club, Boston, 1981-08-20). The sounds is quite metallic sometimes but it's fine, and you can often hear Char sing backups more clearly than ever. It is overall a great show, when the girls performed Vacation for the first time. A piece of history !

Oh and the pink vinyl is so nice ! Just one BIG complaint : no poster ??!

What is your favourite cover ?

Let's hope Vacation and Talk Show get the DeLuxe treatment too soon ;) And why not RTTVOTGG with some 94/95 unreleased demos ?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We Got The Beat (2011-05-24 DWTS season finale)

Right before starting their Ladies Gone Wild Tour, the girls have granted us a great TV performance at the Dancing With The Stars season finale. They seem ready to rock and kick some ass ! Watch and enjoy :

Why posting this when it has already been done everywhere else ? Well as a small bonus, here’s the audio file of the performance. No silly dancers in there ! ;)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Jane Wiedlin - La Face Cachée (rarities compilation)

"Back-up-vocalist-Jane" compilation. Sometimes you have to listen carefully but yes, she's there ! Her part in The Hardest Part is quite funny and She Breathes Fire rocks !

01. Sparks - Lucky Me, Lucky You
02. Scarlett And Black - City Of Dreams (The Last Frontier)
03. Karla DeVito - I Rocked The Boy
04 - The Specials - I Can't Stand It
05 - Tim Scott - Uncommited
06 - The Specials - Our Lips Are Sealed
07 - The Specials - Pearl's Café
08 - The Brigade - The Hardest Part
09 - Karla DeVito - Little America
10 - Tim Scott - The Rules I Broke
11 - Possum Dixon - Faultlines
12 - Penelope Houston - Tongue
13 - Blue Meanies - She Breathes Fire
14 - John Doe - Forever For You
15 - FroSTed - Frosty The Snowman

Monday, May 16, 2011

Dream Live Album #6 : PARTED WAYS (1995)

1 - Mad About You
2 - Cool Jerk 90
3 - California Sun
4 - Beautiful
5 - Good Girl
6 - The Whole World Lost Its Head
7 - Tutti Frutti (with Little Richards)
8 - I Wanna Be Sedated


Sunday, May 15, 2011

List of Jane Wiedlin's studio songs (as a vocalist)

This is an attempt to list every song which has Jane's vocals on it (with the exception of the Go-Go's songs). There are a bunch of Lady Robotika demos and other recent stuff I'm gonna have to add later. My main sources are Discogs, Wikipedia and my ears. But since I've not been able to listen to every single song of this list, I'm not sure about some entries. Feel free to correct any mistake.

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Lead vocals
Backing vocals


The Specials – More Specials (album)
I Can’t Stand It 4:02
Pearl’s Café 3:10


Robert Williams - Late One Night (album)
Gotta Be Nice 2:34


Sparks – In Outer Space (album) ; Cool Places (single)
Cool Places 3:25
Cool Places (12’’ Mix) 4:38
Lucky Me, Lucky You 3:38

Tim Scott – Swear (EP)
The Rules I Broke 4:06
Uncommited 4:54


Jane Wiedlin – Jane Wiedlin (album)
Blue Kiss 3:28
Goodbye Cruel World 3:48
Sometimes You Really Get On My Nerves 3:36
East Meets West 3:44
Somebody’s Going To Get Into This House 3:41
Forever 4:55
Modern Romance 5:10
I Will Wait For You 3:48
One Hundred Years Of Solitude 4:43
Where We Can Go 4:13
My Traveling Heart 4:12

Jane Wiedlin – Blue Kiss (single)
Blue Kiss (7’’ Version) 3:28
Blue Kiss (Special Dance Mix aka Extended Dance Mix) 6:30
Blue Kiss (”V” Mix aka Extended Dance Mix) 6:12
Blue Kiss (Instrumental Version) 4:18


Karla DeVito – Wake’Em Up In Tokyo (album)
Little America
I Rocked The Boy

The Brigade – The Dividing Line (album)
The Hardest Part 6:14

Belinda Carlisle - Belinda (album)
Mad About You 3:36
Gotta Get To You 4:08

Belinda Carlisle – Mad About You (single)
Mad About You (Single Mix) 3:30
Mad About You (Extended Mix) 5:03
Mad About You (Instrumental Mix) 3:30


Jane Wiedlin – Inside A Dream (single)
Inside A Dream (Single Version) 3:34
Inside A Dream (12” Mix) 6:39
Inside A Dream (Edited Version) 3:47
Inside A Dream (Inside A Dub) 4:11
Inside A Dream (Inside A Chep) 6:08

Scarlett And Black – Scarlett And Black (album)
City Of Dream (The Last Frontier) 4:40


Jane Wiedlin – Fur (album)
Inside A Dream 3:39
Rush Hour 4:05
One Heart One Way 3:51
Homeboy 4:00
The End Of Love 3:16
Lover’s Night 3:27
Fur 3:13
Give ! 3:17
Song Of The Factory 4:55
Whatever It Takes 3:57

Jane Wiedlin – Rush Hour (single)
Rush Hour (7” Version) 4:02
Rush Hour (Extended Remix) 7:20
Rush Hour (Instrumental) 5:03
Rush Hour (The Red Mix) 7:23


Jane Wiedlin – Tangled (album)
Rain On Me 5:28
At The End Of The Day 4:04
Guardian Angel 4:38
Flowers On The Battlefield 4:24
Tangled 4:45
World On Fire 3:42
Paper Heart 4:33
Big Rock Candy Mountain 4:25
99 Ways 4:35
Euphoria 4:52

Jane Wiedlin - World On Fire (single)
World On Fire (Single Version) 3:45
World On Fire (Power Mix) 3:49
World On Fire (The Justin Strauss Mix) 6:14
World On Fire (The Galaxy Mix) 5:34
World On Fire (The Just Right Dub) 5:47
Lover’s Night (Extended Version)
Tangled (Acoustic Version)


V/A - Tame Yourself
Fur (Remix) 3:46

V/A - Tame Yourself (Housebroken Dance Mixes)
Fur (Faux Version) 6:40


Jane Wiedlin – The Very Best-Of Jane Wiedlin : From Cool Places to World On Fire (compilation)
Our Lips Are Sealed (re-recording) 2:47
Mercenary (re-recording, unreleased)  3:13
Hundred Years Of Solitude (re-recording, unreleased)  4:11
Flowers On The Battlefield (re-recording, unreleased)  3:47
My Traveling Heart (re-recording, unreleased) 4:43
Tangled (re-recording, unreleased) 4:20
Give ! (re-recording, unreleased) 3:26
Paper Heart (re-recording, unreleased) 3:41


FroSTed – Bed (single)
Bed (7” Version)
Call Me Crazy (7” Version)


FroSTed – Cold (album)
Dis-Integrated 2:54
Call Me Crazy 3:56
Homeless 3:11
Amerinoid 2:18
Cold 3:40
Never 3:16
Shoulder The Sky 3:47
Bed 3:17
Hope 2:14
Praying 2:55
My Boyfriend 2:24
Hey Girl 2:38
Empty & Meaningless 3:56
Frosty The Snowman (unreleased)

FroSTed – Call Me Crazy (single)
Call Me Crazy (Edit)
Call Me Crazy (Acoustic) 4:01
Sliver Of Glass 3:13
Space Ghost 2:48


Penelope Houston – Tongue (album) ; Tongue (single)
Tongue 5:04
Tongue (Edit)

Possum Dixon – New Sheets (album)


Blue Meanies – The Post Wave (album)
She Breathes Fire

The Specials And The Fun Boy Three feat. Neville Staple – The Very Best-Of The Specials And Fun Boy Three (compilation)
Our Lips Are Sealed

Jane Wiedlin - Kissproof World (album)
Icicle 3:54
Feeling Like Flying 3:53
Die Now ! Pay Later ! 3:27
Fallen 3:05
Kissproof World 3:25
The Good Wife 4:24
Sooner Or Later 4:31
My Lovely Revenge 3:55
Drain 3:00
Messy 2:53
Muse 2:48
He’s Not Talking 5:29


John Doe – Dim Stars, Bright Sky (album)
Forever For You 4:18


SJB feat. Jane Wiedlin – Rush Hour
Rush Hour (Radio Edit) 2:34
Rush Hour (Fonzerelli Hot & Sexy Radio Edit) 2:53
Rush Hour (7th Heaven Radio Edit) 3:37
Rush Hour (Extended Mix) 5:24
Rush Hour (Fonzerelli Hot & Sexy Remix) 6:48
Rush Hour (7th Heaven Remix) 7:12
Rush Hour (Northstore Remix) 7:12
Rush Hour (Porl Young Remix) 8:05
Rush Hour (Public Domain Vocal Remix) 6:36
Rush Hour (Public Domain Instrumental) 6:31
Rush Hour (Blass Sammers vs. Catch 22 Mix) 6:13


Whore Du Jour – Deep Sea Diver
(Not sure at all this is really Jane's voice on the studio version)

Jane's Wiedlin Lady Robotika (album)
(tracklist unknown. Help would be welcome here)


Jane Wiedlin - Doogie Boogie (mp3 single)
Doogie Boogie 3:44

Jane Wiedlin – Big Gay Ice Cream Song (mp3 single)
Big Gay Ice Cream Song 2:46

Bandallamas – Eye To Eye (album)
Best Bad Luck 5:21

V/A - American Velvet : A Tribute To The Velvet Underground (compilation)
Foggy Notion 4:07


Jane Wiedlin joins Dan Sartain - Now Now Now (single)
Now Now Now 1.21

Monday, May 9, 2011

Dream Live Album #5 : TALK SHOW (1984)

1 - Head Over Heels
2 - Turn To You
3 - You Thought
4 - Good For Gone
5 - Forget That Day
6 - I'm The Only One
7 - Yes Or No
8 - Capture The Light
9 - I'm With You
10 - Mercenary