Sunday, October 30, 2011

1981-09-09 @ Agora Ballroom, Houston

Tracks seperated and converted to mp3 from a wma file.

01 - Skidmarks On My Heart
02 - How Much More
03 - Tonite
04 - Fading Fast
05 - London Boys
06 - Cool Jerk
07 - Automatic
08 - Lust To Love
09 - Can't Stop The World
10 - This Town
11 - Vacation
12 - You Can't Walk In Your Sleep (If You Can't Sleep)
13 - Our Lips Are Sealed
14 - Let's Have A Party
15 - We Got The Beat
16 - Surfing And Spying
17 - Beatnik Beach
18 - Remember (Walking In The Sand)


  1. Thanks! (I had this one, but mine was a horrible little wma file).

  2. After comparing, this is taken from the wma file!
    You should have just uploaded the wma, this is deception, bloating it up to 320!

  3. I didn't do it to decieve anyone. I just hate those wma files and converted it to mp3 ! I never claimed it was a better quality file.

  4. Converting to mp3 doesn't make it sound any better.

    I just think that things like this make it harder to find a good version because you'll find someone who has it, and you'll think you've found a higher quality version, but when you get it it might just be a other copy of this version.

    It's like pollution, especially if in the future someone re-uploads this version instead of a better one, so it spreads.

  5. I converted the wma to 320 kbps mp3 because :
    - mp3 is easier to use ;
    - 320 kpbs because I didn't want any more data loss, 128 kbps would have made it sound even worse.

    And I did not only convert the file, I also seperated the tracks.

    So while I do get your point I don't think I've done wrong. Well I guess I should be more precise about my sources from now on.