Thursday, July 14, 2011

2011-06-07 @ Westbury Music Fair, Westbury (full show)

01. intro
02. Vacation
03. Tonite
04. How Much More
05. Get Up And Go
06. Mad About You
07. Lust To Love
08. Mother's Little Helper
09. Automatic
10. Fading Fast
11. Cool Places
12. This Town
13. Unforgiven
14. The Whole World Lost Its Head (feat. Duke)
15. Our Lips Are Sealed
16. Skidmarks On My Heart
17. We Got The Beat
18. stage talk
19. Surfing And Spying / Beatnik Beach
20. Head Over Heels
21. encore
22. Fun With Ropes


  1. Hey Chris: Any chance you could re-upload this to your 4shared account? You've got a lot of shows I don't have on here and have been updating my files. Great job on the blog, by the way. Hope all is well...

    1. I'll take care of it. Thanks for the nice words, I'm currently working on revamping the blog.

    2. Thanks...can't wait to check these shows out.

    3. All three shows have been reuploaded.

    4. What about your GrrlBandGeek, Max ? It's one of the best blogs I've ever seen, I'd like to see some updates too :)