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List of Belinda Carlisle's studio songs (as a vocalist)

Like the list of Jane’s songs, this is not meant to be an exhaustive discography. Some singles, like California, are ommited because they offer nothing new to add to this list. It is meant for collectors who want to have every Belinda song, not every record ;) As usual, tell me if you find any mistake, missing entry etc…

Go-Go's songs are not mentioned here.

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The Specials – More Specials (album)
I Can’t Stand It 4:02
Pearl’s Café  3:10


V/A - Swing Shift (original soundtrack, unreleased)
The Magic Of You (unreleased)


Don Henley – Building The Perfect Beast (album)
Man With A Mission 2:45


V/A - Vision Quest (original soundtrack)
Don Henley - She’s On The Zoom 3:20


Belinda Carlisle – Belinda (album)
Mad About You 3:36
I Need a Disguise 3:55
Since You’ve Gone 3:12
I Feel The Magic 3:20
I Never Wanted a Rich Man 4:12
Band Of Gold 3:42
Gotta Get to You 4:06
From the Heart 3:12
Shot In the Dark 3:23
Stuff and Nonsense 4:30

Belinda Carlisle – Mad About You (single)
Mad About You (Single Mix) 3:30
Mad About You (Extended Mix) 5:03
Mad About You (Instrumental Mix) 3:30

Belinda Carlisle – Band Of Gold (single)
Band Of Gold (Single Mix) 3:41
Band Of Gold (Extended Mix) 6:47
Band Of Gold (Dub Mix) 7:42


Belinda Carlisle – Heaven On Earth (album)
Heaven Is A Place On Earth 4:06
Circle In The Sand 4:26
I Feel Free 4:49
Should I Let You In ? 4:16
World Without You 4:44
I Get Weak 4:52
We Can Change 3:45
Fool For Love 3:55
Nobody Owns Me 3:13
Love Never Dies 5:13
Waiting For A Star To Fall (Demo) 3:52 (unreleased)
Love Like Heaven (Demo) 2:29 (unreleased)
Some Hearts (Demo) 3:19 (unreleased)
Out Of My Hands (Demo) 3:59 (unreleased)
Private Lives (Demo) 4:38 (unreleased)
Love Never Dies (Demo) 4:34 (unreleased)
Circle In The Sand (Demo) 3:56 (unreleased)
Should I Let You In (Demo) 3:31 (unreleased)
World Without You (Demo) 4:41 (unreleased)

Belinda Carlisle – Heaven Is A Place On Earth (single)
Heaven Is A Place On Earth (7’’ Mix) 3:35
Heaven Is A Place On Earth (Heavenly Version) 5:59
Heaven Is A Place On Earth (The Voice) 3:51
Heaven Is A Place On Earth (Down To Earth Dub) 5:25
Heaven Is A Place On Earth (12'' Club Mix) 6:29

Belinda Carlisle – Dancing In The City (single)
Dancing In The City

V/A – Mannequin (original soundtrack)
In My Wildest Dreams  2:03


Belinda Carlisle – I Get Weak (single)
I Get Weak (7’’ Version) 4:39
I Get Weak (12’’ Version) 7:25
I Get Weak (Instrumental Version) 7:32

Belinda Carlisle – Circle In The Sand (single)
Circle In The Sand (Edit) 3:40                
Circle In The Sand (Seaside Mood Groove Mix) 3:51
Circle In The Sand (Beach Party Mix) 7:50
Circle In The Sand (Sandblast Multi-Mix) 5:18

Belinda Carlisle – I Feel Free (single)
I Feel Free (7’’ Mix) 4:20
I Feel Free (12’’ Mix) 7:02
I Feel Free (Dub Version) 7:37

Belinda Carlisle – World Without You (single)
World Without You (Extended Worldwide Mix)  8:26
World Without You (7’’ Remix) 3:58
World Without You (Panavision Mix) 4:16

Belinda Carlisle – Love Never Dies (single)
Love Never Dies (7’’Mix) 4:09


Then Jerico – What Does It Take ? (single)
What Does It Take ? 3:50
What Does It Take ? (Extended) 5:37

The Smithereens – Blue Period (single)
Blue Period 2:58

Belinda Carlisle – Runaway Horses (album)
Leave A Light On 4:33
Runaway Horses 4:42
Vision Of You 4:40
Summer Rain 5:25
La Luna 4:43
(We Want) The Same Thing 4:03
Deep Deep Ocean 4:05
Valentine 5:03
Whatever It Takes 4:47
Shades Of Michaelangelo 5:52

Belinda Carlisle – Leave A Light On (single)
Leave A Light On (7’’Version) 4:15
Leave A Light On (Extended Mix) 8:05

Belinda Carlisle – La Luna (single)
La Luna (Edit) 4 :14
La Luna (Extended Dance Remix) 6 :47
La Luna (12’’ Dub Mix) 6 :32


Belinda Carlisle – Summer Rain (single)
Summer Rain (7’’ Edit) 4:15
Summer Rain (Extended Mix) 8:01
Summer Rain (Dub Mix) 6:51
Summer Rain (Justin Strauss Mix)  8:05
Leave A Light On (Kamikazee Mix) 4:43

Belinda Carlisle – (We Want) The Same Thing (single)
(We Want) The Same Thing (7’’ Summer Remix) 4:17
(We Want) The Same Thing (Extended Summer Mix)
Shades Of Michaelangelo (Edit) 4 :45


Belinda Carlisle – Live Your Life Be Free (album)
Live Your Life Be Free 5:14
Do You Feel Like I Feel ? 5:09
Half The World 4:23
You Came Out Of Nowhere 4:10
You're Nothing Without Me 3:55
I Plead Insanity 4:39
Emotional Highway 5:20
Little Black Book 4:14
Love Revolution 5:09
World of Love 4:13
Loneliness Game 4:40

Belinda Carlisle – Live Your Life Be Free (single)
Live Your Life Be Free (Single Version) 4:25
Live Your Life Be Free (Club Mix) 5:32

Belinda Carlisle – Do You Feel Like I Feel ? (single)
Do You Feel Like I Feel ? (Edit) 4:13
Do You Feel Like I Feel ? (Dance Mix) 5:32
Live Your Life Be Free (Dance Instrumental Mix) 5:26

Belinda Carlisle – Vision Of You’91 (single)
Vision Of You (Remix 91) 3:55

V/A - Tame Yourself (compilation)
Bless The Beasts And The Children 4:19


Belinda Carlisle – Half The World (single)
Half The World (Edit) 4:10
Only A Dream 3:13
Live Your Life Be Free (Original Intro Version) 5:15

Belinda Carlisle – Little Black Book (single)
Little Black Book (Little Black Mix) 5:19
Little Black Book (Belinda's In The House Mix Version) 4:59
The Air You Breathe 4:29

Belinda Carlisle – The Best-Of Belinda, Vol. 1 (compilation)
I Plead Insanity (Single Mix) 4:39
Runaway Horses (Edit) 4:15
Vision Of You (7’’ Version) 4:09


The Lemonheads – Come On Feel The Lemonheads (album)
I’ll Do It Anyway 3:34

Belinda Carlisle – Real (album)
Goodbye Day 4:39
It’s Too Real (Big Scary Animal) 4:08
Too Much Water 5:16
Lay Down Your Arms 4:38
Where Love Hides 4:57
One With You 5:11
Wrap My Arms 4:27
Tell Me 5:32
Windows Of The World 3:26
Here Comes My Baby 4:37

Belinda Carlisle – Big Scary Animal (single)
Big Scary Animal (Single Version) 3:53
Change (8-track Demo) 4:38

Belinda Carlisle – Lay Down Your Arms (single)
Lay Down Your Arms (Edit) 4:10
Wrap My Arms Around You (8-track Demo)
Here Comes My Baby (8-track Demo)

V/A - The Harvest (original soundtrack)
One By One 4:25 (with The Crash Baptists)


V/A - Mother & Child : A Christmas Celebration Of Motherhood (compilation)
Christmas Lullaby 3:55

V/A/ - Holiday Collection, Vol. 2 (compilation)
God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen 2:21


V/A - Two If By Sea (original soundtrack)
I Wouldn't Be Here If I Didn't Love You 4:24

Belinda Carlisle – A Woman And A Man (album)
In Too Deep 4:05
California 2:59
A Woman And A Man 5:12
Remember September 4:32
Listen To Love 4:09
Always Breaking My Heart 3:12
Love Doesn't Live Here 4:09
He Goes On 3:13
Kneel At Your Feet 4:18
Love In The Key Of C 3:50
My Heart Goes Out To You 3:35

Belinda Carlisle – In Too Deep (single)
In Too Deep (Single Edit) 4:04
I See No Ships 3:10
Jealous Guy 4:12

Belinda Carlisle – Always Breaking My Heart (single)
Always Breaking My Heart (Single Version) 3:08
The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan 3:50
Love Walks In 3:19

Belinda Carlisle – Love In The Key Of C (single)
Too Much Water (Demo Version)
Watcha Doin' To Me (Demo Version)
Don't Cry (Demo Version)

Belinda Carlisle – Remember September (white label)
Remember September (JPO Club Pipes) 6:37
Remember September (Beam's Club Mix) 6:22
Remember September (Beam's Vocal Mix) 6:08


Belinda Carlisle – I Won’t Say (I’m In Love) (single)
I Won’t Say (I’m In Love)
I Won’t Say (I’m In Love) (Remix)
I Won’t Say (I’m In Love) (Susan Eagan Version)


Belinda – The Greatest (compilation)
Submission 3:05 (with Radiator)


Belinda Carlisle – A Place On Earth : The Greatest Hits (compilation)
Feels Like I've Known You Forever 3:47
A Prayer For Everyone 4:20
All God’s Children 3:46

Belinda Carlisle – A Prayer For Everyone (promo single)
A Prayer For Everyone (Radio Edit) 3:50


Belinda Carlisle – Belinda (album, re-release)
Mad About You (Extended Version) 5:26


V/A – Abba Mania (compilation)
Dancing Queen 3:36


Belinda Carlisle – Voila (album)
Ma jeunesse fout le camp 3:16
Bonnie & Clyde 5:15
Avec le temps 4:06
Sous le ciel de Paris 4:42
Des ronds dans l'eau 2:55
Pourtant tu m'aimes 3:27
Ne me quitte pas 3:17
Le Vie en Rose 4:23
Contact 2:57
Merci Chérie 3:34
Jezebel 3:18
I Still Love Him 3:26
La Vie en Rose (English Version) 4:22
Bonnie And Clyde 5:14
If You Go Away 3:17

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