Thursday, June 23, 2011

Belinda Carlisle - Rare (compilation) [updated and expanded version]

Time for Belinda to get the "B-sides & rarites compilation" treatment ! Here it goes :

01. Don Henley - She's On The Zoom
02. Don Henley - Man With A Mission
03. Belinda Carlisle - Dancing In The City
04. Belinda Carlisle - In My Wildest Dreams
05. The Smithereens feat. Belinda Carlisle - Blue Period
06. Then Jerico - What Does It Take ?
07. Belinda Carlisle - Bless The Beasts And The Children
08. Belinda Carlisle - Only A Dream
09. Belinda Carlisle - The Air You Breathe
10. The Lemonheads - I'll Do It Anyway
11. Belinda Carlisle - Don't Cry
12. Belinda Carlisle - Change (8-track Demo)
13. Belinda Carlisle - Whatcha Doin' To Me
14. The Crash Baptists - One By One
15. Belinda Carlisle - Christmas Lullaby
16. Belinda Carlisle - God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen
17. Belinda Carlisle - Love Walks In
18. Belinda Carlisle - The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan
19. Belinda Carlisle - I Wouldn't Be Here If I Didn't Love You
20. Belinda Carlisle - I See No Ships
21. Belinda Carlisle - Jealous Guy
22. Belinda Carlisle feat. Radiator - Submission
23. Belinda Carlisle - I Won't Say (I'm In Love)
24. Belinda Carlisle - Dancing Queen
25. Belinda Carlisle - Nos Lèvres Sont Scellées (live clip) (BONUS TRACK)


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  1. Oh YOU ROCK. I have all of these apart from the last track, but not altogether in one place. You have organised my music for me! Thanks!

  2. Great stuff... any chance of getting 'Dancing In the City' from the Burglar soundtrack (or is that not rare anymore??) ??

  3. In My Wildest Dreams - Is that the actual version or a rip from the film?

    1. It is a roip from the movie. As far as I know, a complete clean version has not surfaced yet.

    2. Hey!!
      Fantastic compilation. I missed some trax in my collection.
      But ... Mega up is out of bussiness some months ago. Did anybody realize? So, no way to download the songs.
      Please, please I need these songs. I encourage to reupload in another server: mediaf. 4shar or any other who provides the security of download it.
      Congratulations and thanks a lot for this great job!!

    3. My bad, I didn't recall uploading this on MU. Gonna reupload it soon, with Dancing In The City to make it complete.

    4. Goood!
      Great songs, great sound
      Now it can be downloaded

    5. Any chance of still getting a download of this...I've been looking for a few songs from this...


    6. is it possible to shared the link to downlod again plz :)

  4. please i need this! lol