Friday, May 27, 2011

Beauty And The Beat 30th Anniversary Edition

YAY ! I got the CD and vinyl in my mail today ! Some pictures :

The first CD is, as you all know, the original remastered album. The difference between old and new wasn't very noticable to me until I compaired back to back the same song on both editions. You can hear Gina's drums and Kathy's bass more clearly. Surfing And Spying would have been a welcome addition, as well as any studio outtake. The real treat comes from CD 2, a previously unreleased live show (Metro Club, Boston, 1981-08-20). The sounds is quite metallic sometimes but it's fine, and you can often hear Char sing backups more clearly than ever. It is overall a great show, when the girls performed Vacation for the first time. A piece of history !

Oh and the pink vinyl is so nice ! Just one BIG complaint : no poster ??!

What is your favourite cover ?

Let's hope Vacation and Talk Show get the DeLuxe treatment too soon ;) And why not RTTVOTGG with some 94/95 unreleased demos ?


  1. Upload it please...

  2. No way, sorry. I'm not gonna ruin the work put in this release by giving it away like that. I'm usually very much into sharing but not when it is to the detriment of my girls. ;)

  3. Gina plays the drums, Kathy plays bass...

    Talk Show needs a re-issue BADLY, so I hope everyone actually buys this remastered disc. Didn't go for the vinyl as I already own the original LP.

  4. I can't belive I mixed this up XD

    I'm with you for a Talk Show re-issue !

  5. The second disk was available previously, but only as a bootleg. I have it on vinyl. In any case, thank you for your ethics. I've purchased BATB in seven different versions.

    P.S. Thanks for posting the live recordings. Nice to "relive" shows I've attended. Wish they would release a current live recording, along with a DVD like the Central Park one. Mylene Farmer does this quite well, albeit perhaps a bit over-produced. Love her anyway.

  6. So you know Mylène Farmer ? I used to be a die-hard fan of hers. I still like her but I'm not in the same state of mind as I was in my teen age anymore lol !

    If you'd like to get the 30th anniversary edition, give me your e-mail and I'll send it to you (I'll erase the comment with the e-mail as soon as I get it). I don't wanna post it on the blog to make it available freely to anyone, but I can share it with a fan like you :) The thing is, I think it is kinda pointless to listen to it on mp3 files since the compression ruin the subtle remastering. Let me know anyway.