Saturday, June 28, 2014

World's Cutest Killers live 1987-06-13 @ Lingerie Club, Los Angeles

Thanks to Chris O'Neal and Connie for sharing the raw mp3 file. I seperated the tracks as follow :

01. intro
02. She Wants The Best Of Everything
03. Two Sides To Me
04. Somebody Else Will
05. No Pain No Gain
06. Chinese Whispers
07. Careless Lives
08. Whippin' Boy
09. Believe Me
10. So Much Better Now
11. Endless Sleep
12. I'm The Only One (incomplete)
13. Give Some Love (incomplete)
14. Kicking You Out
15. Big Flies


  1. Congrats for the find.

    That's one of the COOLEST PICS EVER:

  2. Hi, could you please reupload it?
    Thank you!