Monday, July 25, 2011

Ladies Gone Wild Tour back soon !

Okay, I've not been able to attend any shows but I've watched every video kindly made available on the net. So I'm gonna post some thoughts nobody cares about, but hey, that's my blog, whatever, I do what I want !

- Using the "how to dance like the Go-Go's" video as an intro was a brilliant move ! This is so funny.
- Vacation, Our Lips Are Sealed and We Got The Beat sound greater than ever this year, keep it up !
- How Much More and This Town seem a little too slow, it makes them kinda boring. Why not speed them up again or play other songs instead ?
- Mother's Little Helper rocks less than the 2009 version, too bad. Hope you girls have time to rehearse a brand new cover.
- What about this brand new song Jane promised us ?
- Playing the original arrangement of Lust To Love is a good move to me. What about trying that with Automatic and Fading Fast as well ?
- Cool Places : one of the best songs of the shows, it got even better and better as the first leg of the Tour progressed. Bravo girls !
- Head Over Heels might sound even better if played a little slower.
- Skidmarks is not a very shining moment of the show this year, what about ditching it in favour of a Vacation or Talk Show song for a change ?
- Get Up And Go and Mad About You are very good, don't change anything !

Thank you girls for reading this and applying every change I'm suggesting XD

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